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Plant SNP Information System - EUcalyptus SNPs Database
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are the most frequent type of DNA sequence variation among individuals. Molecular markers are useful for a variety of purposes relevant to crop improvement. SNPs are increasingly becoming the marker of choice in genetic analysis. SNPs are proven to be even more abundant in plant systems than in human genome. Recently some expressed sequence tags (ESTs) libraries of some species of Eucalyptus have been developed. All available EST libraries of Eucalyptus were mined to identify SNPs. Additionally available nucleotide sequences from Genbank have also been scanned to identify SNPs. Auto SNP Perl script was used to find the SNP and Indel frequencies. 33466 SNP sites (8.8 SNP/kbp) and 5874 indel (1.5 indels/kpb) polymorphisms were detected in. Genome-wide nucleotide diversity was estimated for 4974 contigs using a modified theta (θ) parameter, adapted for measuring genetic diversity from polymorphisms.